Slip & Fall

If you have been seriously injured because of a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident on private or commercial property, do not be pressured into immediately signing any insurance forms.

If you quickly agree to a settlement offer, you may not be fully compensated for past and future medical expenses and lost wages.

First talk to a qualified slip-and-fall attorney at Libbos Law at 1.888.542.2671

Our lawyers have solid records of successfully negotiating fair settlements and winning favorable verdicts.
They know the standards property owners in Massachusetts must abide by to protect visitors from injury, and how to hold owners accountable when they fail to adhere to these standards.
When necessary, they can call in the best medical and safety experts to fully investigate your slip-and-fall injuries and help present the best possible case.

If you have been injured because of:
  • a fall on a slippery sidewalk, floor or stairs
  • a faulty escalator or elevator
  • a broken curb
  • improper seating
  • property maintenance negligence; you may be entitled to compensation.

It will cost you nothing for us to review your case. There are no attorney fees unless you receive damages.
 If you have suffered injuries due to a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, call us today toll-free at 1.888.LIBBOS.1 or 1.888.542.2671 to schedule your free initial consultation.